Sunflower Fields

Sussex County Sunflower Fields are a collection of over 1.5 million flowers that are tall and expansive. The three mile maze leads to a gorgeous yellow blanket. Sussex County Sunflower Maze is the largest sunflower farm on the East Coast in New Jersey.

These photos are from our visit to Sunflower Maze in Sussex County, New Jersey in the first week of September, 2018.

Quick Facts

  • Best time to visit: August to early October
  • Bloom highly depends on mother nature, be sure to check the updates on Sussex County Sunflower Maze
  • Next door getaway for tri-state residents
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  1. Sunflower makes for a bright sunny day. A real pretty and warm page

  2. GORGEOUS! I love sunflowers!! Many wonderful compositions, Jyothi, well done!! 🤗 🤗

  3. So beautiful flowers, love the colours. Great flower album

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