Road to Hana, Maui

Road to Hana is undoubtedly the top attraction in Maui. The highway is beyond an exciting drive through the beautiful landscape of eastern coastline of the island. It connects Kahului and Kaupo with 68 miles of road. The road to Hana has 620 terrifying but thrilling curves and 59 narrow bridges. The road takes you through incredible island views, beautiful waterfalls, awesome beaches, lush green gulches and flourishing rain forest with tropical flowers and fruits.

68 miles, 620 hairpin turns, 59 narrow bridges, two way traffic, one lane wide. That’s HANA HIGHWAY!!!


These photos are from our 8 day trip to Hawaii during the first week of October, 2016

Quick Facts

  • Best time to visit
    • Weather and good deals: Apr to May, Sep to Oct. Dec to Mar is better, but could be expensive
  • Fly into
    • Kahului Airport is the main airport and has direct flights from the U.S. mainland
    • Kapalua Airport (west side) and Hana Airport (east side) are other smaller commuter airports
    • Honolulu International Airport, then take a short, 35-40 minute flight to Kahului or Kapalua Maui Airports
  • What to Expect
    • Beautiful Beaches, Waterfalls, Lush Green Gulches, Blowholes, Sea Cliffs, Natural Pools, Tropical Flowers, and Fruits
  • Clothing
    • Weather is warm, so pack lightweight casual t-shirts, shorts, sundresses, tank tops, capris, skirts, swimsuits, sunscreen, sturdy shoes, rain gears and a light jacket for the cool evenings
  • Be sure to check Maui County Official website for the traffic alerts and current road closure before heading out
  • Not many gas stations on Hana, have the gas tank filled before you hit the road
  • Weak/no cell phone signals, highly recommend to have maps downloaded or printed
  • Important to follow the mile markers
  • Roads are narrow and winding, drive slowly and park only in parking lots
  • Bring food, water and changing cloths and prepare yourself if you have motion sickness

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  1. I was lucky enough to go windsurfing on Maui for my 50th birthday. We drove the Hana Highway – you have captured it beautifully. I have really enjoyed the reminder – thanks for sharing!

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