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Canyon Village and Grand Canyon


Enjoy the stunning views of a 20 mile long and a mile wide Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone in the Canyon Village area. The force of the Yellowstone river carves out the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone and creates the waterfalls. The canyon is a classic V-shaped valley and the vast multi colored canyon walls are a result of hydrothermal alteration. You can hike many popular trails of the park here. Drive North Rim Drive and visit Inspiration Point. The overlook offers stunning views of varied colored massive canyons, the gushing Yellowstone river. There are limited parking spots.

These photos are from our two day trip to Yellowstone National park in late August 2012.

Yellowstone National Park
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Best Things To Do

  • Brink of the Lower Falls Trail: Though the trail is short 0.8 mile out and back, it has steep drop-offs, many steep down switchbacks, and definitely more challenging on the way back. The trail offers spectacular views of the top of Lower Falls, Yellowstone river, and the vast multi colored canyon walls. The trail has many benches to sit back to catch your breath.
  • Uncle Tom’s Trail: The hike is a short, 0.6 mile round trip with 328 steep steps down. Be aware the uphill return may be challenging. The hike starts from the south rim of the top of the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone and ends near the base of the 308-foot-high Lower Falls.
  • Watch wildlife in Hayden Valley. Hayden Valley is a large sub alpine valley straddling between Yellowstone Lake and Yellowstone Falls. It’s a great place to view wildlife along the Grand Loop Road. Be aware of wildlife on the road or near the road. Viewing wildlife from inside the car is the best and safest way. Grizzly bears may be seen in the spring and early summer. Bison, Elks, Coyotes, and Foxes are often seen in the spring all the way through the fall.

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