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Best Trails in Acadia National Park, Maine


Popular and easy trails in Acadia National Park

  • Cadillac Summit Loop Trail:  This 0.3 mile short walk from the parking lot offers gorgeous views of a glaciated coastal and island landscape. Seeing the sunrise at the summit itself is a magical experience. Cadillac Mountain is the East Coast’s highest mountain at 1,530 feet and the loop trail at the summit offers picturesque 360 degree views. It gets cold in the morning and evening so make sure to dress accordingly. No matter what time of the year you go, you will definitely hit the crowd.
  • Ocean Path: This is a flat 2.2 mile trail from Sand Beach to Otter Point (or vice versa). This path along the ocean is the best option for viewing sunrises and awesome cliffs and ocean views. There are plenty overlooks along the path where you can sit, have your own time, relax, and embrace the beauty of the nature on full display.
  • Jordan Pond Path: 3.3 loop trail, starts at Jordan Pond parking lot, presents a spectacular view of the Bubble Mountains and the clear Jordan lake and is good for all skill levels.
  • Thunder Hole: Visit Thunder Hole to experience huge splashes with thunderous booming sounds against the natural rocks on the shore. Try to visit during high tides for optimal thunder splashes as the big waves crash to the hole. The parking lot is across the road and there are ramps that leads to the partially down to the Thunder hole.
  • Ship Harbor Trail: 1.3 mile loop trail near Southwest Harbor that offers beautiful wild flowers, colored rocky shorelines, open blue bay, and is good for all skill levels. The trailhead is located just a few minutes from Bass Harbor Lighthouse in Southwest Harbor. The trail winds through the beautiful woods and a lake before hitting the ocean and tide pools.
  • The Anvil Trail: This 2 mile out and back trail located near Winter Harbor on Scoodiac loop road is rated as moderate. The trail begins at the Blueberry Hill parking area off the Schoodic Loop Road and quickly climbs through the pine forest to the Anvil. The blue painted patches are either on the rocks or on the trees lead to the summit of Schoodic Head. The hike is sometimes steep and rocky with heavy roots of pine trees. The hike opens up to the beautiful forest and offers panoramic views of the Mount Desert island and beautiful coastline.

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We loved our visit here when our first born was not quite 3. It is a very scenic walkable park. Thanks for sharing Jyothi. Allan

I am from Maine, and have been to most of those places. I didn’t see Searsport Island. We used to camp, dig clams and cook them over an open fire. You had to decide to stay overnight or return to the mainland before the tide came in. I remember going to the thunder hole before there were any safety structures around it. We just knew not to go too close. A few people didn’t and some were lost. It was magnificent to see and hear it blow! Our nephew, Greg Hartford has a website called Acadia Magic. You might like it.

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