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Best Trails in Mount Rainier National Park, Washington


Popular and easy hikes in Mount Rainier National Park, Washington

  • Alta Vista Trial: This 1.8 mile steep uphill loop hike from Paradise is considered as moderate. It is worth even hiking half way. During summer, the trail offers fantastic displays of wildflowers, dramatic panoramic views of Mount Rainier, and the surrounding foothills. The hike is mostly paved with some rough spots and narrow path. Please stay on the path to preserve the meadow ecosystem. The trails is best used from June until October. Pictures and more info here.
  • Nisqually Vista Trail: This easy, paved 1 mile loop trail located near Paradise winds through the wildflowers meadows. This trail has several beautiful viewpoints which offer panoramic view of Nisqually Glacier and Mt Rainier. The trail is best used from June until October. Pictures and more info here.

  • Tipsoo Lake Trail: Short and easy 0.8 mile loop trail offers great views of the snow-capped peak of Mt Rainier, lush valleys, wildflowers, and clear water perfect for the reflection. Walk clockwise for better view and stay on trails to protect the delicate meadows. Pictures and more info here.
  • Sunrise Nature Trail : The Sunrise Nature Trail is an easy 1.5 mile loop hike near Sunrise parking area. There are several trails sharing the same trailhead at the north end of the Sunrise parking lot. This hike offers stunning panoramic views of Mt Rainier and surrounding peaks over the wildflowers blanket. Pictures and more info here.

  • Sourdough Ridge Trail to Frozen Lake: 3 mile loop trail from the Sunrise Visitor Center Parking lot. The Sourdough Ridge Trail and Sunrise Nature Trail share the same first half mile starting from the north end of the Sunrise parking area. Follow the nature trail, then at the fork, (you can see the Sourdough Ridge Trail sign) turn left and head west on the Sourdough Ridge Trail to reach Frozen lake. This trail is open from June to October and offers incredible views of Mount Rainier, the north side of Sourdough Ridge and the icebergs floated greenish blue colored Frozen Lake at the end. Pictures and more info here.

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Let me tell you a story about Myrtle Falls. I have been to Mount Rainier a number of times. One of this time, we just took the short hike to Myrtle Falls. This was in later June. A couple of years later, we were on the mountain in early May and I wanted to get a photo of the falls with the snow. The snow was still higher then most of the sign posts. I knew were the falls were located since I often take the GPS locations of photo locations so that I can map them out. This time I could not find the falls. From what my GPS was telling me, I was standing above the falls with the falls under the snow under my feet. I would like to go back to do the Skyline Loop.

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