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Old Faithful and Upper Geyser Basin


Upper Geyser Basin in Yellowstone National Park is home to hundreds of hydrothermal wonders including Castle, Grand, Daisy, Riverside, Beehive, and the famous Old Faithful. The Old Faithful is the most prominent attraction of the park. Waiting and watching the Old Faithful geyser to erupt is a tradition of the park. As the name suggests, you can trust Old Faithful to erupt for 5 mins approximately every 90 mins. Other than this stunning Old Faithful Geyser, there are many attractive geysers, pools, and hot springs at walking distance. You can boardwalk to the beautiful flower shaped Morning Glory Pool from the Old Faithful Visitor Center. The large hydrothermal Biscuit Basin is just 2 miles north of Old Faithful.

These photos are from our two day trip to Yellowstone National park in late August 2012.

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Best Things To Do

  • The Old Faithful Geyser: Follow the tradition, wait and watch the famous Old Faithful geyser to erupt. The Old Faithful erupts at regular intervals approximately 20 times a day thus leading to its name. This cone geyser erupts approximately every 45-90 minutes and lasts for 3-5 minutes. You can check for the next eruption at the park website or on twitter @GeyserNPS or on the posted prediction sign at the Old Faithful Visitor Center. You can sit and watch the eruption from rows of benches in the stadium area. You can also watch the eruption along the boardwalk that circles around the geyser to the Upper Geyser Basin. Try to visit early in the morning or in the evening
  • Old Faithful to the Morning Glory Pool : Embrace the beauty of the deep and colorful the Morning Glory Pool. The flower shaped pool has aqua-green color in the center surrounded by mustard yellow. There are two paths from Old Faithful Visitor center that lead to the Morning Glory Pool. One is a paved trail mostly for bikers and the other is a boardwalk for hikers. The 2.8 mile flat boardwalk loop path offers many hot springs and geysers along the way. Carry enough water and also be alert for wildlife
  • UGB-Biscuit Basin Trail to Morning Glory Pool: This 2 mile round trip trail begins just across the Grand loop road from Biscuit Basin parking area. The trail follows an old dirt path and features many hot springs, geysers, and pools along the way to the Morning Glory Pool. There is a bathroom close to the pool and benches are scattered along the trails
  • Biscuit Basin Trail: A short 0.7 mile loop boardwalk takes you to the large hydrothermal area with many geysers, mud pots, colorful hot springs, and wildlife. Start the trail by crossing the wooden bridge over the Firehole river

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