Boone Hall Plantation


Have you ever imagined yourself walking under a canopy of live oak trees over a mile long path that leads to the historic mansion? Then, Boone Hall Plantation is the exact one you are looking for! Boone Hall Plantation is a historic site located in Mount Pleasant, Charleston County in South Carolina. The Plantation was founded in 1681 by Major John Boone and is well known for being one of America’s oldest working plantations producing agricultural crops like cotton, pecans, and strawberries. It is famous for its role in the civil war when it was used as a base for Confederate troops. It offers many tours and attractions that showcase different aspects of history and culture. It hosts a number of special festivals and events throughout the year like concerts and weddings. Its main attraction, Avenue of Oaks is a stunning entrance lined up with huge live oak trees that leads to the historic mansion. This is pictured in many Hollywood movies and several series like The Notebook, Scarlett, Queen, North and South.

These photos are from our visit to Boone Hall Plantation on 14th March, 2023.

Boone Hall Plantation, South Carolina
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Quick Facts and Tips

  • The Plantation is located 8 miles from downtown Charleston.
  • Open for tours 9am-5pm Monday to Saturday and 12pm-5pm on Sundays. Closed on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.
  • Official website Boone Hall Plantation and address is 1235 Long Point Rd, Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina.
  • You can buy tickets online or at the gate. General admission tickets cost for adults $28 which included all tours, $12 for kids, and free for children under 6.
  • No need for reservations for general admission. Highly recommended to make reservations for tours if you are visiting with a group or as a part of an educational program.
  • The entrance to the Plantation is on Long Point Road.
  • Make sure to check the schedule of events before you go so that you can plan around them.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes as there is a lot of walking. Bring a hat, sunscreen and water.
  • Allow at least 3 hours to see and walk around the plantation.
  • Main attractions:
    • The Avenue of Oaks: The beautiful entrance to the historic site lined with live huge oak trees.
    • The Slave Cabins: Nine brick structures that showcase the history and culture of enslaved people
    • The Historic Mansion: Colonial Revival two storied house built in 1936
    • The Garden: The colorful garden with a butterfly pavilion.
    • The Plantation offers several tours like the Self Guided Tour, the House Tour, the Slave Cabin Tour, the Tractor Tour, and the Gullah Culture Tour.
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Pitt Street Bridge


If you are looking for a beautiful and peaceful walk, a place to relax, and enjoy the outdoors with cool breeze, the Pitt Street Bridge is the perfect spot for you. The Pitt Street bridge is a historical landmark and is located in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. The Pitt Street Bridge is narrow and has been long considered as a linear park. It was once a trolley bridge used to cross the Charleston harbor from Mount Pleasant to the beach of Sullivan’s Island. The bridge was built in 1898 as a trolley bridge and was mainly made up of wooden planks; later in 1923 the bridge was widened and replaced with concrete. The bridge offers great views of Charleston Harbor and surrounding areas. This place is a popular spot for walking, fishing, biking, kayaking, bird watching, and photography.

These photos are from our visit to Pitt Street Bridge on 14th March, 2023.

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Quick Facts and Tips

  • The address of the Pitt Street Bridge is 101 Pitt Street, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina and is about 10 minutes drive from downtown Charleston.
  • The bridge is open to the public from sunrise to sunset.
  • The admission to the park and parking is free.
  • There is a small parking lot located at the end of Pitt Street with limited spots.  The parking can fill up quickly, especially on weekends and during peak hours.
  • The walk on the bridge is approximately 1.5 miles round trip and is mostly flat.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.
  • Bring water and snacks.
  • Take cautions during high tides. 
  • Be prepared for the heat and humidity during the summer.
  • There are no public restrooms at Pitt Street Bridge.
  • Pets are allowed on the bridge, but they must be kept on a leash at all times.
  • A great place to watch the sunset.
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Angel Oak Tree


Angel Oak tree is an ancient tree and is a symbol for hope, love, and peace. This natural wonder is a Low Country treasure located on Johns Island, South Carolina. This live majestic Southern Oak tree is between 400 and 500 years old, making it one of the oldest living trees east of the Mississippi River. The tree stands 66.5 feet tall and 28 feet in circumference. The tree’s branches are so long and wide that they spread out over an area of 17,200 square feet, literally creating a canopy of leaves. The tree is surrounded by lush greenery and towering pines, which makes the park beautiful and peaceful.

These photos are from our visit to Angel Oak Tree on 15th March, 2023.

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Quick Facts and Tips

  • The address of the park is 3688 Angel Oak Road, Johns Island, South Carolina which is about 12 miles from Charleston, South Carolina.
  • There is a small parking lot with limited parking spots. Visitors are allowed to park along the dirt road leading up to the Angel Oak tree.
  • The park is open year-round from 9 am to 5 pm. Admission is free.
  • Small portions of the path leading to Angel Oak are dirt roads.
  • Visit during the spring or fall when the weather is mild.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothes.
  • The branches of the Angel Oak tree are hollow and very Fragile. Avoid sitting, climbing or standing on the tree.
  • Tripods are not allowed as they can damage the roots. 
  • There are a bunch of picnic tables and benches. Bring a picnic lunch or snacks to enjoy in the park.
  • There is a small gift shop where you can buy souvenirs and information about the tree.
  • There are no restrooms or other facilities in the park but there are porta-potties.
  • It is worth visiting if you are around the Charleston area.

Fort Moultrie National Historical Site


Fort Moultrie is the first fort on Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina and is a unit of Fort Sumter National Monument. It is a series of historic fortifications and played a key role in several wars. Originally Fort Moultrie was called Fort Sullivan, later it was named after Colonel William Moultire. He was the commander of the 2nd South Carolina regiment and fought for a day-long battle with British ships. It was first built in 1776 and has been rebuilt several times since then. The fort features historical cannons, palmetto logs, museum exhibits and beautiful views of the Atlantic ocean. It is a great place to visit and learn about the 220 years of seacoast defense history from the American Revolution through World War II.

These photos are from our visit to Fort Moultrie National Historical Site on 14th March, 2023.

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Quick Facts and Tips

  • The park is located on Sullivan’s Island, approximately 11 miles drive from Charleston, South Carolina.
  • The fort is open daily from 9 am to 5 pm.
  • There is a big parking lot at the visitor center, which is located at 1214 Middle Street, Sullivan’s Island.
  • The admission fee is $10 for adults, free for children under 15. 
  • Entrance to the fort is just across the street, opposite to the visitor center.
  • Explore Fort Moultrie and enjoy the history, culture and nature around the fort. The fort also offers beautiful views of the Charleston harbor, the Atlantic ocean and Fort Sumter in the distance.
  • The fort’s visitor center has a museum, a theater and an observation deck. 
  • Fort’s museum showcases the history of the fort from the American revolution to World War II through the artifacts and exhibits.  
  • The 22 minute film is shown every half hour in the Visitor Center’s movie theater about the coastal defense system.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes as there is a lot of walking and little shade. 
  • There are no food vendors on site, so bring water and snacks.
  • The restrooms, water fountains and a gift shop are available in the visitor center.
  • There are birding, fishing/crabbing, sightseeing and picnicking opportunities along the coast.
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    • Fort Sumter
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