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West Thumb Geyser Basin and South


Explore the West Thumb Geyser basin. This offers paint pots, colorful small geysers, vivid hot springs, and dormant geysers on the shore of the scenic Yellowstone lake. Take a stroll through the geyser basin and enjoy the pleasant view of Yellowstone Lake. Try to visit in the afternoon for better views and a cool breeze.

These photos are from our two day trip to Yellowstone National park in late August 2012.

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Best Things To Do

  • Mud Volcano Trail: This 0.7 mile boardwalk loop is about 26 miles north of West Thumb Geyser Basin. This short and easy trail features turbulent pools of hot, muddy water, strange odors, and a bizarre landscape. The main attraction is the Dragon’s Mouth Hot Spring. As the name suggests, a large amount of steam rises out from the mouth of the cave, like smoke blowing from the mouth of a dragon. It makes a booming, gurgling, and growling kind of an animal sound as the gases and steam are released from the deep cave.

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