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Travel during/post Corona

Planning to travel this summer? Travelling will be a totally different experience now, unlike before this crisis. But by considering the scenario below, you can plan a safe and better vacation. Here are some quick tips and facts

  • Travel only if it is necessary
  • If you are already planning to go on a trip, get thorough information about the place and follow the policies and guidelines issued by the state and local government in the place where you are planning to go/stay
  • Pack enough masks, sanitizers, gloves, wipes
  • Make sure to have your physician, health insurance, and emergency contact numbers handy
  • Make sure to always keep social distancing
  • Be prepared to stay longer than planned at your destination just in case stay at home orders are issued
  • If you are planning to drive, pack as much food, drink and other necessary items in order to limit store visits. Be aware that not all the stores are open. Also consider extra time needed to enter the store
  • On the road, sanitize hands and wipe the car door after using gas stations, rest room, etc
  • If you are staying in a hotel, follow the guidelines there as well. Call and check their policies and guidelines.
  • Wearing a mask and keeping social distancing in elevators and lobbies will definitely reduce the risk as well as wiping down doorknobs, faucets, tables, TV remotes, and switches etc.
  • If you are travelling internationally, check the countries’ quarantine guidelines
  • If you are flying, check airport/airline for the approximate check-in/ wait time and add some buffer time
  • Whenever possible, drive yourself to the airport or find someone from your family to drop you. Make sure that you know the current procedures and policies of drop off and pick up at the airports
  • Before you go to the airport, check the opening hours for long term and short term parking
  • If you have to take a Taxi/Uber/Lyft, wipe the door handle, car seats, and also do the same before exiting the car. They expect passengers to wear masks
  • Do not forget to check the rental car policies and guidelines
  • It is recommended to download the airline apps for no contact boarding. Print a bag tag in case you are checking a bag
  • Bring your own food as many shops at airports may be closed and airlines are not offering food service. Most shops prefer no cash, tap-to-pay card, or no contact payments like Apple/Google/Samsung pay
  • Pay attention to floor marks for social distancing during check in and security check. Wear mask and use hand sanitizer in case you need to hand over the documents
  • While security checking, it is advised to keep your food in a clear plastic bag and keep that in a separate bin. Keep belts, phones, keys, wallets, watches, and other stuff in to your carry on bags rather than bins
  • Check with your airlines for their current procedure for boarding. Some airlines will allow only 10 passenger to board at a time, other will follow row by row
  • Wear a mask as most airlines are asking passengers to wear masks
  • Airlines are doing deep cleaning, but it does not hurt to wipe your seats and front resting desk
  • If you are a person not getting up during your flight, choose the window seat as it has less contact


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