Hawk’s Nest, NY

Hawk’s Nest highway is a scenic drive you do not want to miss in the fall and summer seasons. It is a next door destination for the tri-state residents. It is a winding road with picturesque overlooks along the Delaware River. Hawk’s nest is named after the birds of prey that nest in the area. This is an excellent place for all kinds of activities like camping, hiking, kayaking, canoeing, tubing etc.

These photos were taken in early Oct 2017.

There are multiple scenic overlooks between Port Jervis, NY above the Delaware River and Pond Eddy on New York State Route 97. Take extra caution while parking at the overlooks.

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  1. Fabulous pictures! So colourful.

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  2. Awesome place…excellent perspective shots, Jyothi!

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  3. I love the pictures of the highway.

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  4. Love all the twists and turns on the windy road. Looks especially beautiful with the fall colours. Sounds like a fun drive!

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  5. Pretty cool winding road, great shot!!

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  6. Wow
    काश जिंदगी के सफर भी
    इतने सुहाने होते सदा
    चलते चलते कटते
    सफर जिंदगी का कहते यहा।।

    होते फूल दिखते फूल
    महक चाहे ना बिखेरते वहां
    देख सन्तुष्ट ही हम काटते सफर
    थोड़ी तो खुशी मिलती यहां।।

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  7. Looks delightful. Tough to keep your eyes on such a windy road, while sightseeing.

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  8. I want to be in New York one day🙂.

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  9. Beautiful scenic captures, my friend Jyothi ~ thanks for sharing 🙂

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