Painted Sunset

Every sunset brings a new dawn!

Location: West Glacier, outside Glacier National Park, Montana, USA.

Date and Time: 28th of August, 2012 around 6:30pm.

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  1. Lavish display of glowing warm orange with a good dash of lemon. Tranquil and gorgeous blue mountain, green meadows and silent red soil. Brief but indescribably beautiful painted sunset. Dawn is on its way.

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  2. कहते कितने रंग भरे
    प्रकृति में है आज यहां
    प्रत्यक्ष दिखलाया आपने
    देखो कितने भेद हैं छुपे यहा।।

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  3. A beautiful landscape, nicely captured, Jyothi.

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  4. This is so pretty! I saw one similar sunset while I was in Jaisalmer and I still remember those moments when I actually saw sky turn pink! It was beautiful 😍

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  5. This sunset works well as a drive by with the foreground blurred and the mountain silhouettes. Thanks for sharing. Allan

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  6. Absolutely stunning colours and very well captured both in worlds and visuals.

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