Diablo Lake

North Cascades National Park
Diablo Lake, a gorgeous turquoise reservoir in the Cascade mountains of northern Washington

Location: Diablo Lake Lookout, North Cascade Highway, North Cascades National Park, Washington.

Date and Time: Around 4pm on August 30, 2013.

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  1. Pristine nature…beautiful picture, Jyothi!

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  2. Gorgeous! I’ve been to Washington state many times, but never to that area.

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  3. It’s beautiful Jyothi..How are you doing..?

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  4. Beautiful! I hope to get to Washington State again, this area we did not go to but maybe next time!

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  5. Mam one request as you know I launched my YouTube channel please show your support to my YouTube channel please subscribe it 🙏


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  6. Serene…tranquil and beautiful!

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  7. Looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing

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  8. Why the water colour is greenish?

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  9. oh that is beautiful. and the turquoise water is amazing! 🙂

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  10. One of my favorite hikes was exploring North Cascades.

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  11. What a lovely place! Jyothi ji

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  12. thank you for the wonderful photos🐬❗️

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  13. A great picture and a beautiful landscape. The color of the water is amazing.


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