Lower Antelope Canyon

Smooth and flowing shaped sandstone inside the magnificent and surreal Lower Antelope Canyon

Location: Lower Antelope Canyon, Page, Arizona, USA.

Date and Time: Around 11am on September 26, 2014.

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  1. Nature can create amazing patterns in rock formations, or flowers, in animals’ skins and even on the butterflies!
    Really great capture on this sandstone in Lower Antelope Canyon!

  2. I can feel the wind!.. Wonderful.

  3. I learned about that area back before it was discovered by the masses, but never went. Sigh…

  4. Amazing natural formation, Jyothi!

  5. We visited Upper Antelope Canyon when we were going between the North and South rim of the Grand Canyon. The colors are amazing.

  6. Wow nature is amazing!

  7. I have my own memories of this place. Very nicely captured picture. Lighting is perfect. It’s a beautiful sight.

  8. Wonderful capture

  9. Wao what a beautiful capture

  10. Wonderful! Flowing for millions of years, a river cuts down the mountains to form canyons
    The beautiful picture captures the tough work done by nature.

  11. The wonder of nature, beautiful!

  12. Beautiful

  13. Gorgeous! I planned to visit Antelope Canyon last year but COVID shut everything down. Maybe next year 🙂

  14. Looks just fantastic and amazing! I very much like such places (desert)

  15. Truly a wonder of nature. You are exploring the world through your lens. Thanks for sharing and taking us to different world.

  16. Is such a beautiful place. Lovely, Jyothi!

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