Cherry Blossom Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Beautiful esplanade under the colorful umbrellas of cherry blossom at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

Location: Brooklyn Botanic Garden, 990 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, New York, USA.

Date and Time: Around 10:30 am on April 30th, 2011.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful! Great photo. I bet the blossoms smelled amazing!!

  2. Beautiful! ❤️

  3. Thank you Dear Sister; there really is something about Cherry Blossoms that is breathtaking to me! I’m a Tree Huger but this takes the cake sort of the Cherry on the Cake!
    God bless!
    Brother in Christ Jesus,

  4. Delightful spring blossoms!!!

  5. I like very much your posts, but my like button is still no work.:( I hope to fix this soon and be back ! Thank you for your like. Have a nice evening ! Diana

  6. Beautiful. One of my favourite flowers, 🙂

  7. used to live walking distance to the gardens and loved going there to see the blossoms

  8. Beautiful. Wish your life blossoms in years to come.

  9. Beautiful cherry blossoms!

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