Grand Turks, Turks and Caicos

Turks and Caicos islands are a British overseas territory consisting of larger Caicos islands and smaller Turks islands. Grand Turk is a British territory island in the Turks and Caicos Islands in the Atlantic Ocean. It is the capital island of the Turks and Caicos with an area of 7 square miles (largest island in the Turks islands). Grand Turk may be small but it’s packed with stunning crystal clear beaches and historic charm.

These photos are from our Eastern Caribbean cruise trip during the second week of February, 2019.

  • Sunset at Grand Turk
  • View of Pillory Beach from Cruise
  • Beaches at Grand Turk
  • Grand Turks, Turks and Caicos
  • Cruise center Beach, Grand Turks, Turks and Caicos
  • Grand Turk Cruise Center
  • Cruise center Beach
  • The brown patch is the walls and brine for sea salt production
  • Shipwreck on Governor's Beach, Grand Turks, Turks and Caicos
  • View of Governor's Beach from Cruise, Grand Turks
  • Governor's Beach, Grand Turks, Turks and Caicos
  • View of Governor's Beach from Cruise , Grand Turks
  • Grand Turk Cruise Center
  • Grand Turks, Turks and Caicos
  • Grand Turk Cruise Center
  • Sunset at Grand Turk

Quick Facts and Tips

  • Visas and Documents
    • U.S. citizens: No visa required, need to carry a valid ID
    • For non-U.S. citizens: Need a valid passport and visa
  • Best Time to Visit: December to May
    • Peak Season: December to March
    • Affordable season: April to May
    • Hurricane Season: June to November
  • Getting there
    • By Cruise Ship: Grand Turk Cruise Center. Arriving by cruise ship is easy as all customs and immigration are taken care by the cruise lines
    • By Air: Fly into Providenciales International Airport
  • Clothing
    • Weather is warm, so pack lightweight casual t-shirts, shorts, sundresses, tank tops, swimsuits, sunscreens, hats and a light jacket for the cool evenings
  • No public transport, but rental vehicles, taxis, and bicycles, ATVs are available for visitors
  • Remember that driving is left hand side
  • All beaches are public and free to access
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